Fifth Wheel vs Class A RV

While the answer might be obvious to some, choosing between a fifth wheel and a class RV can make all the difference! We here at Roberson RV are committed to giving our customers the best information so they can make informed purchases and RV decisions. Give us a call with any and all questions, from service to financing. Today, we are going to focus on the pros, cons, similarities, and differences between these two luxury motorhomes!

The Same Luxury

First, let's define both models, and identify what they have in common. A traditional 5th wheel trailer RV is a camping trailer that is pulled behind a truck, attached to the truck bed via a hitch mount. This type of trailer requires the use of a truck with hauling capabilities, as well as a storage space big enough for a standalone trailer. The class RV is a fully mobile motorhome built on a heavy frame and is often the largest model you can find. They have plenty of interior space, luxurious interiors, and do not require an additional vehicle for use and travel! As you can see, they are both excellent options, both embodying the spirit of being a true mobile home! Moreover, both trailers can be lived in and come with interior features to accommodate several overnight stays. Common interior features that one might find in both travel trailers and toy haulers are a kitchen, couches/beds, and a bathroom. From a pricing perspective, the Class A is usually more expensive, but when taking into account the truck used to haul the average Fifth Wheel, they just about break even. 

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Major Differences

Besides the obvious differences in moveability, the usage and convenience also vary! The Fifth Wheel is a true luxury trailer, perfect for a week or month-long trips and getaways. With the detachable trailer able to stand on its own, you can use your truck as an additional, highly maneuverable piece of transportation, unlike the Class A RV, which is always attached to its luxury furnishings. The Class A has the Fifth Wheel beat, however, in tighter spaces, like wooded areas and campgrounds. The Fifth Wheel is more comfortably found at the racetrack than a National Forest. When it comes to convenience of setup, however, the Class A is as easy as get-in and go, while the Fifth Wheel requires more attention to mounting the hitch, securing more contents, and ensuring that electrics are properly working. 

Another major difference is maintenance and fuel economy. Where a Class A RV might sit, unused for many months or years, requiring maintenance on the engine and hydraulics and fluids, the Fifth Wheel can sit for longer periods of time. The Class A RV has a fuel economy limited to its model and engine, while the Fifth Wheel’s efficiency is tied to the truck hauling it. 

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So, which RV is right for you? We hope you’ve come to that decision for yourself, and are ready to find the motorhome of your dreams! If you’d like help with that, or are still considering the difference between your options and want a professional opinion, stop by the experts at Roberson RV in Salem, OR. We have dozens of RVs, ready to take you wherever the road goes--or ends! Talk to our financing team about how we can make owning a motorhome a smooth, and informed financial decision. For the best Class A RVs, 5th Wheels, and more, come on down to Roberson RV Center, your Oregon RV authority. 

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